Terms and Conditions

This is the web site of \"Agora Guesthouse and Hostel\".

Our postal address is \"Akbiyik Cad. Amiral Tafdil Sk. No.6 Sultanahmet-Istanbul / Turkey 34122\"

We can be reached via e-mail at info@agoraguesthouse.com
or you can reach us by telephone at 0090 212 458 5540

Scope of application

1. These Terms and Conditions of Business apply to contracts having to do with the provision of hostel rooms and individual hostel beds by Agora Guesthouse&Hostel against rent, as well as to all services supplied in relation to contractual partners or services to be supplied by the latter.

2. Terms and conditions of the customer or of any other contractual partner shall only apply if this has previously been agreed in writing.

Services, prices, payment, settlement of accounts

1. Agora Guesthouse&Hostel shall be obliged to hold in readiness the number of beds booked by the given contractual partner and to supply the services that have been agreed to.

2. In the case of a straightforward bed reservation by the contractual partner, the services provided by Agora Guesthouse&Hostel shall comprise in particular the provision of individual beds or of several beds with mattress and pillow, including pillowcase, linens and blanket. The use of showers, bathrooms, toilets and hot water is included in the price. Hand towels will be provided with the booking of individual or double rooms, and are here included in the price of the room.

3. The contractual partner hereby undertakes to pay in full for the beds he has booked, or in any case for the beds used, in advance on each occasion, paying at latest on arrival for the coming night at least. In case of a booking or other provision of rooms for use extending over a number of days, the contractual partner shall be entitled to pay on a daily basis in advance.

4. On the conclusion of the contract relating to a booking by six or more persons, or when booking individual or several single or double rooms or when the total price of the booking comes to more than 100 euros, the contractual partner is to pay at the least an advance payment to the amount of 50% of the price of the beds that applies at the time of the conclusion of the contract. The total prepayment sum that falls due shall be derived from the multiplication of the prepayment per bed by the number of beds booked by the contractual partner. The residual amount shall fall due for payment in accordance with the specifications of the present Terms and Conditions of Business.

5. When taking advantage of special offers or promotional tariffs, a discount may be obtained, though only one kind of discount per guest. The combination of several special offers is hereby excluded. Special offers or promotional tariffs shall apply only to walk-ins or in cases of direct booking, whether by telephone, in writing or online through our own website.

Withdrawal by the contractual partner (countermand of order, cancellation)

1. In connection with a reservation of beds or rooms the contractual partner may withdraw from the contract without being compelled to admit liability for direct damages resulting from the cancellation of the booking, provided that the cancellation takes place at least 48 hours before the day of arrival. In case of withdrawal occurring any later than this, the contractual partner will be billed for the full accommodation  at the agreed price.

2 . We have age limit for dorm rooms, under 18 years old and ower 50 years can not stay

Withdrawal by Agora Guesthouse & Hostel

1. If the contractual partner fails to make the prepayment, even after the expiry of an appropriate term for subsequent fulfillment set by Agora Guesthouse&Hostel coupled with a warning that the partner\'s application may be refused, Agora Guesthouse&Hostel shall likewise be entitled to withdraw from the contract.

Provision, handover and vacating of rooms, house rules to be observed

1. The contractual partner shall not acquire any claim to have specific rooms provided. The accommodation offered shall be based on the facilities available.

2. Rooms that have been booked shall be made available to the contractual partner from 2:00 pm on the agreed day of arrival. The contractual partner shall not have any claim to provision of the rooms earlier than this.

3. With the booking of one or more beds or rooms, the contractual partner hereby accepts the house rules in the currently valid version.

4. On the agreed day of departure, the rooms and beds are to be vacated and made available to Agora Guesthouse&Hostel by 10:30 am at latest. After this time, in addition to any claims for damages incurred, Agora Guesthouse&Hostel may charge for the extended use of the room(s) or beds until 12:00 pm 50% of the full listed price. If the room continues to be used after 12:00 pm, Agora Guesthouse&Hostel may charge the customer 100% of the listed price. It remains open to the contractual partner to prove to Agora Guesthouse&Hostel that the latter has incurred no damage or a considerably lesser degree of damage thereby.

Liability of Agora Guesthouse & Hostel

1. Agora Guesthouse&Hostel shall be liable for the due care of a reasonably and prudent businessman. In areas not related to the provision of typical services, this liability shall however be restricted to inadequate service, damage, consequential damage or faults that are to be attributed to deliberate intent or gross negligence on the part of Agora Guesthouse&Hostel. If faults or defects should occur in connection with the services that Agora Guesthouse&Hostel provides, on coming to know of these or on receipt of a prompt complaint from the customer Agora Guesthouse&Hostel shall seek to remedy the situation. The customer shall be obliged to do what he can, within the limits of what may reasonably be expected of him, to rectify the fault and keep any possible damages to a minimum.

2. Agora Guesthouse&Hostel shall be liable to the contractual partner for articles brought to the house in keeping with statutory stipulations, that is to say up to a hundred times the price of the bed, to a maximum of 3,500 euros, and for money and articles of value up to 800 euros. Money and articles of value can also be left for safekeeping in the hostel or room safe, up to the maximum value in keeping with statutory stipulations for articles brought to the house. Agora Guesthouse&Hostel recommends its customers to avail themselves of this option. Any liability claims shall lapse if the customer does not give notice to Agora Guesthouse&Hostel promptly on becoming aware of the loss, destruction or damage in question.

Concluding stipulation

1. The place of fulfillment and place of payment shall be the main place of business of Agora Guesthouse&Hostel.

2. All business relations shall be subject to the law of the Republic of Turkey.

3. If individual stipulations of these General Terms and Conditions of Business should be or become invalid or null, the effectiveness of the other stipulations shall not be affected thereby. In other respects business relations shall be subject to statutory prescription.

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